Swim SOLD Acrylic on stretched canvas. 75 x 90 cm. Don't you want to dive in? AU$550.00
Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace SOLD Oil on wood panel. 56cm x 90cm. There he lies, in repose. SOLD.
Volition Oil on wood panel. 23 x 30 x 5cm. To dictate the terms of your own death is the ultimate volition, choosing to go before the person that you were is gone. AU$280.00
Gathering SOLD Acrylic on wood panel. 55 x 55 x 5 cm. Moody and textured, this piece captures the brooding sky of a gathering storm. AU$350.00
Westgarth Oil on wood panel. 20 x 20xm. FOR SALE AU$250.00
Summer Carnival
Summer Carnival SOLD
Looming SOLD
Night Water
Night Water SOLD Acrylic on wood panel. 50 x 75 x 5cm. Looking into the still water over the concrete harbour wall late at night on Paros island, Greece. I fell in love with the translucent emerald water. AU $350.00
Hope Springs Eternal
Hope Springs Eternal Acrylic on canvas, 40 x 50 x 4cm. During the four months of Melbourne lockdown, it was easy to think I would never see the ocean again. Never do a lot of things ever again. Sometimes there is a way. Usually least expected. AU$250.00
Bluster Oil on canvas, white timber frame. 40 x 40cm. Those days at the beach. When the wind whips the sand and the sea is a carpet of white peaks. AU$320.00 (on display in Apollo Bay)
Gathering: Detail
Gathering: Detail Acrylic on wood panel. AU$350.00

Works currently available.

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