Unfortunate Full title: An Unfortunate Series of Events". Oil on wood panel. 56cm x 90cm. SOLD Reference: This painting references the photo that ran with an article about mercury poisoning in Japan in Mosaic Science magazine 2017. With permission by the photographer: Joss McInlay.
Rest In Peace
Rest In Peace Oil on wood panel. 56cm x 90cm. There he lies, in repose. FOR SALE.
Not Everyone Loves Fishing
Not Everyone Loves Fishing Oil on wood panel. 23 x 35 x 5cm. SOLD.
Selfie Oil on Wood Panel. NFS.
Indie My girl with porcelain skin and golden hair. NFS. Oil on board.
Tessa Oil on wood panel. NFS.
The Conversation
The Conversation SOLD. Oil on wood panel.
Volition Oil on wood panel. FOR SALE.
Ghost Wine
Ghost Wine Acrylic on wood panel. FOR SALE.
Guns of Northcote Hill
Guns of Northcote Hill Oil on canvas. SOLD.
The Deep
The Deep Mixed media booklet. NFS.
Creek Oil on wood panel. SOLD.
Blue Girl
Blue Girl Ink on paper. NFS.
Stacks On
Stacks On Pastel drawing on paper. SOLD.
Half Past Wine
Half Past Wine Lino Cut Print. 1/5. FOR SALE.

Still life, portraits & life in general.

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